What are success criteria?

There are so many concepts in the world that have become commonplace and have lost some kind of magic that gives intrigue, makes you think about their meaning. One of them is a successful person, about whom we regularly hear. But who is he? Where to find him? How does he become like successful?

People want money, power, authority in society. They guess that those who have achieved success should have all this, but they have no idea if they consider themselves to be such. We periodically see wealthy citizens, read books about rich people, watch motivational films or videos. But can all these material goods be considered as indicators of a person’s success?  If you are ever asked or if you consider a certain person to be successful, then first, most likely, you will think about how much this person earns. Today, the world is so focused on money that it has become a universal measure of a person’s level of success. Each person has their own criteria for success. For example, there are famous musicians and artists who were recognized by society only posthumously. Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Allan Poe and even Galileo Galilei – all these people received recognition only after death. Could they be called successful during their lifetime? I doubt it, because no one recognized their works.

Oliver Wendell Holmes said that the main thing is not where we are now, but in which direction we are moving. Success is a movement; it is the result of the work of our attitudes and habits that underlie this movement.

Success criteria:

  • external – this is the material and social well-being of a person (a good job, a big salary, an interesting social circle, etc.);
  • internal – this is a sense of harmony in your life, a positive attitude to life, inner satisfaction, faith in yourself and your capabilities.

There are a huge number of new opportunities of every person throughout his life. It is only necessary for a person to make an effort and discover them.

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