What do most companies measure to determine the success of their websites?

The success of a website depends not only on how beautiful, convenient or full of information the resource is. An important role in the development of online business is played by how the website owner:

  • evaluates the demand for business services on the Internet;
  • analyzes website traffic;
  • evaluates the behavior of users on the website;
  • counts the conversion of website visitors to customers.

If the correct analysis of events occurring on the website is not carried out, feedback from customers coming from the Internet is not collected, then the money that the business spends on promotion may be used ineffectively. It is noticed that as soon as the website owner begins to regularly analyze what is happening, the results of Internet marketing activities noticeably improve. This magic wand is web analytics. Some companies believe that if you are not working on improving your website, this does not mean that competitors are not working. Moreover, your website will have new competitors who sometimes have more powerful capabilities, advertising budgets, specialists, information resources, etc. It is necessary to constantly monitor the actions of competitors, study their priorities, try to anticipate their next steps.

Another company says that a successful website is one that brings the maximum benefit, while requiring a minimum of investment to create and maintain. It is important that the site brings significantly more than it requires. It is worth clarifying that the benefits are not always expressed in monetary terms. Sometimes a website makes a significant contribution to the image of the company. A successful website is a benefit with a minimum of investment. Design, traffic, sales are not so important in comparison with the goal you set when you decided to create your website. And the funds that are invested to achieve this goal are important.

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