How to create my Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat filter?

What is a social media filter?

A social media filter is a content that add 2D/3D elements in your environment thanks to the augmented reality. Filters on social media appear few years ago and they have been evolving ever since. Social media effects are the best content to increase your number of follower and interact with your friends. You can create a filter for an event like birthday, wedding, baby shower or just for fun. Your friends will be able to share personalized photos in story for your event. There are a lot of type of filter, you can create a face animation, a random wheel filter or a beauty effect for example, but you can make a plenty of different filter.

Now it is possible to create your own filter on each social media, and in this article, we will explain how to create a TikTok filter, Snapchat filter and an Instagram filter.

Before you start creating your filter, you should know that it is quite long and complicated to do. Lookaar allows you to customize your TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat filter for only $19. Indeed, this site automatically generates your effect that you have customized with images and text.

How can I create my Instagram filter?

To create your Instagram filter, you will need to download Meta Spark which is the software specialized on the creation of Instagram and Facebook effect. After that, you must create your assets (2D/3D elements) that you want to add on your filter. When all your assets are ready, import them on Meta Spark. You can now animate your filter and place text and images where you want. When you finish that, you need to publish your filter and give it a name.

How can I create my TikTok filter?

Create a TikTok filter is like Instagram effect but with another software called Effect House. It is almost the same application but only for TikTok effect. The only thing you must respect there is that you can’t put a logo of a brand on your effect. You can make a body tracker filter, a game filter, a face animation etc. All you want to create is possible, but it requires hours and skills to do it.

How can I create my Snap filter?

Snapchat filters, also called Snapchat Lenses, require the software “Lens Studio”. This software is a little bit complicated compared to Meta Spark and Effect House but has the same principle. You must create your assets outside of the software and then upload them on it. After that, simple snap filters are quick to make but if you need to animate or create a sequence, you will need to code on Lens Studio.

To conclude, create your own custom filter is possible on each social media Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat but it is complicated and requires some skills on the softwires. You can make your effect but can also buy your custom filter on Lookaar that generate quickly the effect in less than 48h.

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