How to get famous on Instagram?

Almost all Instagram users want to have a recognizable profile, be visible and have a lot of followers. How to do it?

Analyze competitors

Keep track of your competitors. See what posts they post. Perhaps some ideas will seem interesting to you and you will add them to your content plan. Analyze how competitors communicate with their subscribers; what promotions are being held.

Try having more subscribers

To quickly gain the first subscribers, likes, views, increase coverage, try some services, for example, It is cheap and safe: you don’t have to worry about your account being blocked.

Make a content plan

Make a content plan. This is a weekly, monthly, or yearly publication schedule. This way you can focus on what matters most: growing your profile.

You do not have to “puzzle your head” every day in search of topics for posts. It is better to spend one or two days on drawing up a content plan.

Use hashtags

Many people ignore this method of promotion on Instagram. However, hashtags are a great way to get free promotion. You just need to use tags wisely. The maximum allowed number of hashtags under one post is 30 pieces.

No need to add popular million-strong tags that have nothing to do with the topic of the post. Using thematic hashtags, you will attract only the target audience.

Don’t Forget About Stories and Live Streams

This is a kind of addition to the advice about quality content. In addition to posts and videos, publish Stories. They get more coverage.

For example, one of the options for using Stories is to announce new posts. Add a link in the Stories to the latest post.

Broadcast live

Answer subscribers’ questions, tell interesting stories from your life. You can host themed broadcasts: for example, show effective exercises for the press.

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