How to stop being jealous of others success?

Envy is one of the worst filings humankind has. Being jealous people lose control of their emotional equilibrium and fall into depression. Such psychological condition leads individual to total desperation from which very hard to get out. All members of society have almost equivalent opportunities, so the chances to reach a certain goal are the same for many people. It is hard but possible to avoid so dangerous emotion like envy. It is necessary to try dream. Yes, this way can help to get over envying.

When people dream, their concentration is focused on their goals and personal achievements. Jealous thoughts will leave the mind if individuals work on personal success. By being busy there won’t be any free time to even think about circumstances where surrounding people have more accomplishments .

Despite the personalities of each individual, there are some additional rational and effective ways to decrease envy, even of a very strong nature. Sport can improve psychological indifference to many things including envy of somebody’s successful results. Reading is also very effective moreover it will bring some new knowledge and skills to the reader. These two methods are the best, but for those people who want to have or get something similar to the object of the jealousy, it is will be better to work hard and generate a plan for how to achieve an equal position.

Envy is a bad characteristic of people and it can cause very unpleasant situations. Individuals need to try to reduce its impact on personal life to avoid decreasing the level of comfort of own being.

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