Design Project Of Residential And Non-Residential Premises

An interior design project is a set of documents describing changes in the interior appearance of the premises. Interior design solutions are developed individually based on the wishes of the client and the chosen design style, characteristics of the facility. Based on the design project, it is possible to perform construction and finishing work, arrange furniture, machinery and equipment. Any painter and decorator London works in accordance with such project.

There is a set of features that determine the perception of the interior appearance. Visual perception can be affected by:

  • the color and tone of indoor surfaces (for example, the color and decoration of wallpaper, the tone of painting walls and ceilings, etc.);
  • features of natural and artificial lighting indoors (for example, the lack of natural light can be compensated by design and arrangement of lighting fixtures);
  • the color, dimensions and placement of furniture items (this will not only transform the appearance of the room, but also allow you to make the zoning of the room for different purposes);
  • additional elements of decor and interior (for example, due to the arrangement of mirrors, you can visually increase the volume of the room);
  • characteristics of the room (for example, when developing a design project, the configuration of the room, the placement of door and window openings, various offsets are necessarily taken into account).

An experienced decorator South London will tell you that even for approximately the same rooms, the interior can differ significantly. The choice of interior design solutions is directly influenced by the purpose of the facility. The purpose of developing a design project for apartments and private houses is to create conditions for comfortable living, rest, sleep. The design of retail premises should attract customers. The interior in offices is created to increase comfort, functionality and ergonomics in work.

Contact professionals to develop a design project for your premises.

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