Secrets Of Making A Delicious Kale Soup

Kale and soups from it are familiar to most people. Knowing how to cook kale means to prove yourself a good cooker. We offer you to read a number of secrets.

Cooking Tricks

At the seeming ease, it is not so simple to make any first course delicious and aesthetic. You can find more culinary secrets at Here are some of them.

  • For cooking the “right” broth, it is important to put meat in cold water. Otherwise, you will get delicious meat, but the broth will have to be poured out.
  • If suddenly the broth is not so transparent, you will have to tinker with it to make the dish appetizing. Strain the broth through the cheesecloth. You can boil the eggshell in the broth, which you then need to strain or remove.
  • It is not necessary to oversalt your soup. If this happens, you can try to save the situation. To do this, raw rice must be placed in a gauze bag. After 10-15 minutes of cooking, it will absorb excess salt from the soup.
  • Calculate the cooking time of different vegetables in the soup. Usually, potatoes are put first, after a few minutes, washed cereals are added, and at the very end of cooking, the soup is poured with stewed vegetables and greens.
  • It is important to chop the kale gently and add to the dish for about 10 minutes before the end of cooking. A beautiful soup is obtained with slightly undercooked kale. After the soup is infused, it will be steamed and stop crunching.
  • The soup has an excellent aroma, if vegetables were stewed in butter.
  • If the carrots are put raw, it is better to cut it into slices or stripes and add it to the soup first, before the potatoes.
  • Do not allow the soup staying in the refrigerator for a long time. In this case, the dish loses its useful properties.

We hope that our useful tips will help you always feed your beloved ones allowing you to maintain strength and vitality for a long time.

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