Choosing safe containers for candles

Many of us love candles, especially in jars. Such candles are convenient to carry from one shelf to shelf. They seem safer to us due to the fact that the fire is closed.

If you want to make your own candles in a jar, then you definitely need to study the jars for candles, because not every container is suitable for candles.

Container candles are the kind of candles that many people start their production with, because it’s so simple. Many people take materials that they have at home, for example, jelly or jam jars. But there are plenty of other containers that you can use. They can be a great decor in your living room.

When choosing a container, you need to follow several safety rules:

  • The container shouldn’t catch fire;
  • It shouldn’t leak;
  • It shouldn’t crack and break.

The container should not catch fire

Even this rule is violated by people choosing wood, coconut shells, plastic cups or something that easily catches fire when in contact with fire for a candle container.

Another common unsafe container is a porous ceramic container. A porous material, like terracotta, can absorb wax. If it heats up, the flame will start to rise along the walls and this giant wick will light up. In order not to have a chance for this to happen, it is necessary to cover such surfaces with two thick layers of decoupage medium.

A glass jar would be a great option, given that they come in different designs. For example, there are many of them on

The container should not leak

A leaking container is also a problem.  Firstly, hot wax can damage your coffee table, shelf, bedside table. Secondly, such a leak can cause a fire.

As the wax flows out, your wick will flare up. And after a few minutes, a very large flame can form. As soon as you leave the room, everything will get out of control.

Most often, a metal jar leaks, which has a seam on the sides or at the bottom. To check it for leaks, fill it with water and leave it for a couple of days.

The container should not crack

The most common problem with container candles is that they crack.

Like a leaky container, hot wax can spill out of a cracked container. The flame can quickly become high enough that it will not prevent him from starting a fire through curtains, a closet or plants.

What should be the container

In addition to the fact that the container must be resistant to fire, leakage and cracks, choose a heat-resistant container, then there will be no problems.

For this reason, many people choose jelly or jam jars. They are made to withstand high temperatures and not crack. The wax will not leak anywhere, the flame will remain behind the walls of the jar. You can use not only cans, but also other glassware, the main thing is that the glass is quite thick.

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