Useful Equipment for Proper Utility Inspections

Construction projects like sewers and power plants take a lot of planning and time to bring to life. They may take months or even years to construct, depending on different factors. Like the project, the availability of materials and funds The point is that a lot of work goes into building a structure. But it doesn’t just stop there. After building a structure to its completion, you need to continue maintaining the property.

Like everything in life, you will need to maintain these structures regularly to prevent failure. Carrying out maintenance will help the structure last long and perform properly. But before you carry out maintenance on a structure, you have to check first to see if it is necessary. The way to check for this is through an inspection of the structure. An inspection helps ascertain the current state of the structure.

Qualified personnel inspect the structure to determine whether it needs maintenance or not. This inspection process may require some equipment and tools to make it smoother. This equipment makes it easier to reach tight spaces and enclosed areas with ease. 

If the structure requires inspection, then you need to choose the most suitable method for it. Below, we will list the types of inspection equipment to use as well as their application. 

Types of inspection equipment

The equipment used for inspection varies as much as the personnel. There are different pieces of equipment for inspection depending on the structure you want to monitor. The two main types include underground and surface equipment.

Underground equipment

This equipment is used to inspect structures that are below the surface or underground. Like tunnels, sewers, gutters, and more. They are designed in such a way that they can easily gain access to structures that are underground that may be hard to reach or get into for humans. They could either be drones or even rovers. 

Drones are like miniature planes that hover above the ground and can reach heights humans can’t. Rovers are ground machines, and they can scale through rough terrain. They are both controlled remotely. Underground rover sewer inspection is done in places where they can easily drive on the surface. If the surface is not accessible, then a drone is used for sewer inspection.

Surface equipment

Like the name, they are used for structures that are on the surface. Just like rovers and drones are used for underground inspection, they are also used for surface structures as well. The structures could either be indoors or outdoors, and if they are on the surface, a rover may be the preferable option. But for higher places, drones are better. You can use an indoor inspection drone to perform an inspection on high and hard-to-reach indoor structures.


Inspection equipment is used to inspect in place of humans. They don’t just make it easier to do so, but also safer, because some places may pose danger to human life when entered. It is better for drones to be damaged than for any harm to come to human life.

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