How to Store Pallets in Warehouse

The high level of demand for wooden pallets in factories, factories, warehouses require the storage of pallets correctly. Made of wood, pallets are exposed to the negative effects of moisture, temperature changes, mechanical influences. The availability of cost, the demand for loading and unloading operations, as well as transportation have made pallets a frequently used auxiliary equipment. It is possible to preserve the integrity and strength provided that the rules of storage are observed.

Storage locations and conditions

A sufficient amount of space in the warehouse while observing the temperature regime is the main requirement for the organization of storage. The dimensions of the red pallets are significant, the stacking of products in stacks is normalized in height: a fall is a danger to employees of a warehouse or manufacturing enterprise.

The storage location is arranged taking into account the indicators:

  • the area of the warehouse premises;
  • placement taking into account the location for the movement of loading vehicles and workers;
  • compliance with the requirements of the standards of placement in stacks;
  • maintaining constant humidity and temperature indicators;
  • prevention of direct sunlight.
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Wood retains strength for a long time, attractive external qualities, provided that the optimal humidity and temperature index is maintained. The increased moisture content in the air leads to the appearance of mildew, which negatively affects the condition of the pallets, as well as the products stored on them.

The advantage of wooden pallets is that they are recyclable. Benefits of pallet pooling are an eco-friendly and economical option. Therefore, if you have not quite suitable pallets, you can recycle them without buying new ones.

Organization of storage space

The place for storing pallets is selected in accordance with the norms, indicators of changes in humidity and temperature. The area of the warehouse is calculated taking into account the passages between the stacks through which the delivery is carried out, as well as the movement of products and goods. A convenient approach reduces the loss of time for inventory in the warehouse, the movement of warehouse workers. The container becomes easily accessible, its care becomes easier.

Pallet storage racks will help to place a large number of pallets without losing useful space in the room. The integrity and appearance of the pallets retains placement on the shelves of racks, on transportation devices, when transportation is required, with sufficient storage space.

Wood is subject to the destructive effect of fire, compliance with fire safety rules and regulations prevent the occurrence of fires, the danger of rapid ignition. Treatment with fire-fighting drugs reduces the risk of fire, retains its appearance for a long time.

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Creating conditions for long-term storage

Storage of wooden pallets requires the creation of certain conditions in terms of humidity and temperature. Wood absorbs moisture from the air, there is rotting, deterioration of the technical characteristics of pallets.

In summer, for a limited time, pallet stacks can be located under a canopy, provided dry air and ventilation. Direct sunlight on the products is not allowed. It is easier to create optimal humidity and temperature conditions in a warehouse of sufficient area.

Regular ventilation ensures ventilation of stacks, eliminates the accumulation of putrefactive bacteria in the air and prevents deterioration of the wood. Low air humidity is maintained at a constant level, thermometers are used for monitoring inside the warehouse.

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