Advantages Of A Private Guide

One of the important things about preparing for your trip is choosing a tour guide who will accompany you during the whole trip or when visiting the most interesting sites. If you don’t like to travel in tourist groups, then use a private guide to organize your Tripvenue.

Advantages Of Individual Tours

The ability to travel at a much faster pace compared to a group. In the group, one always needs to sit, the second- to go to the toilet, the third fell behind; the fourth did not understand something and asked again. A private tour allows you to see about twice as much in the same time as a group tour, while the quality and volume of information will also be significantly higher.

  • The ability to design a route strictly for yourself, leaving only the places that you are really interested in. The extensive experience of traveling to different countries imposes a number of serious requirements for new travels: for example, it is increasingly difficult to surprise you with another one hundred and fiftieth waterfall, minaret, cathedral,” postcard view”, and the opportunity for a deeper immersion in the culture and life of the country you are visiting is becoming increasingly valuable.
  • You can choose exactly the right guide for you by getting to know them in advance, discussing the program and marking key points.

There only 2 disadvantages of private excursions:

  • Significantly higher cost: the guide’s services fall entirely on you.
  • There are much higher requirements for travel planning and, above all, the choice of a guide. If you make a mistake, there will be very few options to replay something.

If you are imbued with the idea of individual tours, it will be simple to find a good guide, based on information from the Internet and reviews of friends. Have a nice trip!

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