What is Montessori Education Method

Preschool education in many countries of the world is the primary link of the only system of education. There are stationary and seasonal nurseries, kindergartens, preschool departments, maternity schools, and playgrounds. Educational work in any Nursery in Dubai aims at the harmonious development of children, the formation of life skills in society. It is carried out in accordance with the education programs.

There is a special teaching method. Pay attention to it. It is the Montessori Nursery system, which is somewhat different from the traditional ways of educating children.

Unique teaching method

Montessori education is a process in which a child independently builds his/her personality, using all abilities. The outstanding Italian humanist teacher, doctor and public figure Maria Montessori was the creator of this system. Her important innovation was the destruction of the traditional classroom system and the creation of an original educational process for children from 3 years old. It is built on the recognition of each pupil’s right to significant autonomy and independence, pace of work and specific ways of mastering knowledge.

A specially prepared cultural developing environment is created children, where they find everything necessary for development, “absorb” correct speech, receive rich sensory impressions, and learn how to handle various objects. Each child also decides whether he/she will do something alone or together with others.

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The class covers a number of zones:

  • The zone of practical life: it is of particular importance for small children (2.5-3.5 years old). Using frames with fasteners (buttons, zippers, buckles, pins, laces, bows, hooks) children learn to dress; pour (water); wash a table.
  • Sensory development zone: children can here learn to distinguish height, length, weight, colour, noise, smell, shape of various objects; get acquainted with the properties of fabrics;
  • Zones of linguistics, mathematics, geography, natural sciences are provided by items whose main purpose is the mental development of kids.

There kids of different age (from 3 to 6 years old) in the class, which contributes to a higher level of educational opportunities. When a child starts learning for the first time, older, more experienced children help. Each class is unique. Despite the fact that the method has a completely defined structure, it is flexible and opened to individual interpretation.

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Montessori idea is expressed on the following principles:

  1. Kids create themselves through purposeful activity.
  2. Children have unusual sensitive abilities to absorb and learn through their environment.
  3. The essencial period for acquiring knowledge is from birth to six years.
  4. The right of children to be different from adults and each other, the right of everyone to preserve their individuality should be respected.
  5. Approach the child as a whole. The main task is to help children to reach their full potential in all spheres of life.

Montessori pedagogy is an integral educational frame, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by many years of experience in successful practical work with kids.

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