How does birth order impact career success?

Many experts believe that a child’s hobbies, the grades at school and the success of his future career are closely intertwined with the place he occupies in the family. They have come to the conclusion that the order of the child’s appearance in the family largely determines his character traits, his attitude to other family members and how he will build his future.

The firstborn: success and responsibility

The firstborn are the continuers of traditions, most often the most responsible, conservative specialists who choose traditional professions, gravitating to the exact sciences, as well as good leaders. Their childhood and the conditions in which they grow up, the expectations, demands of parents, the trust placed in them are most likely to make them that way.

Middle child: the golden Mean

Middle children are often born politicians, public figures. Thee middle child can combine the features of an older and a younger one, since he manages to stay in both roles. It often happens that the child is “lost” from the sight of parents who help, for example, the eldest in school or caring for the little one. Therefore, he is fighting for his place. However, this situation also gives bonuses: the development of socialization skills, diplomacy and the formation of a peacemaker position.

The Youngest Child: Darling and cunning

The younger ones are more often pampered, forgiven and protected from all the hardships of life. They get used to receiving support from others and often becomes the soul of the company. Such children are free and open to unusual experiences, taking risks more easily than older brothers and sisters.

What concerns the only children, most of them become leaders, they have similar features to the firstborn. They are ambitious, they know how to express clearly what they want.

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