6 tips for finding the best electrician in Paris

Power outages are inconvenient, but they can also be dangerous. This is why it is very important, when they occur, to be accompanied by an experienced electrician. There are many electricians who can help you in the 12th, 14th, and 16th arrondissements of Paris. But how to choose the best electrician in Paris from the crowd of competitors who may present themselves? This article gives you some answers.

1. Don’t underestimate word of mouth

In the event of an electrical breakdown of the circuit breaker, an electrical outlet or panel, we choose a craftsman whoever he is, word of mouth is often the best solution. The reflex of many people is to rush on the internet to call on an electrician they do not know. Among these craftsmen may be crooks. However, if you call on a Parisian electrician who has worked for a relative, it is unlikely that this will harm you. Think about it: will a loved one recommend someone with whom they have had disappointments? It’s unlikely…

2. Think about the syndic of your building

If you live in a Parisian apartment, it is certain that your electrical system is shared with the rest of the building. Your trustee is probably calling on a trusted electrician, who certainly knows the building’s electrical system like the back of his hand. It is often the best choice.

3. Avoid Google’s “ads” sites

Google “ads” are sites that have paid the search engine directly to be in first place. They are rarely a guarantee of quality. If you do your research on the internet, refer instead to sites that are not ads: these sites are highly placed thanks to natural referencing. They are often of better quality. In addition, they are also a sign that the electrician in question is a serious and conscientious craftsman: it is difficult to be well referenced on Google. It may seem secondary, but pay attention to the quality of the site. In 2019, a serious craftsman is a craftsman with style!

4. Think about your electrician’s specialization

A good intervention begins with you: know how to describe and identify your problem. This will then allow you to find exactly the specialist craftsman you need. In electricity, many scammers play on the inexperience of customers to justify exorbitant costs. As far as possible, don’t be fooled! Certain labels such as Qualifelec can guide you in your choice. Qualifelec is a reference organization in the qualification of electrical sectors.

5. Get multiple quotes

Whenever possible, compare competitors by having several detailed quotes made. The more a quote or an invoice will be detailed (name, address, Kbis number, telephone, etc.), the more serious it is. At least, in the event of a dispute, you will have an easier time finding the craftsman.

Beware of overly attractive prices: inquire about the skills of the technician, and this, in detail.

6. Beware of insurance

To legally intervene in your home, an electrician must take out two insurance policies:

  • ten-year insurance, which covers all electrical work in a home. It engages the responsibility of the electrician on new or renovated electrical installations;

  • biannual insurance, which covers one-off interventions on an electrical system already in place.

  • This insurance protects your home against possible damage during an intervention. We also advise you to ask for two important documents from the craftsman:

  • The insurance certificate, which certifies that the company has subscribed to Professional Civil Liability (RCP);

  • The certificate of conformity of the installation, which certifies that the work carried out on your premises complies with safety standards.

In the event that the electrician cannot provide you with even one of these two documents, beware!

In summary to find the best electricien paris

In Paris, it is difficult to find the best electrician possible, especially in the midst of fierce competition. As we mentioned above: do not be individualistic!

Trust your trustee and your loved ones to recommend a competent craftsman. If you search the internet, stay away from ad sites, ugly sites, or dubious offers.

Identify your problem, and take an interest in the specialization of the professional who interests you. The Qualifelec label can be a good indicator. And pay attention to the documents: quotes, invoices, insurance and compliance certificates.

An electrician who is demanding on the administration, will be just as demanding with his manual work.

For more informations please visit this website : https://electriciendepannageelectrique.com/

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