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Ophena made a splash when she introduced the world to the safety stirrups. And now the real Evolution has happened, the stirrups have become even better and more reliable. These magnetic safety stirrups are a great holiday gift for the equestrian and professional alike, as they suit absolutely everyone.

Magnetic Safety Stirrups – Ophena’s Heart

Not surprisingly, all riders appreciate the new safety magnetic stirrups. Today two models can be presented to your attention: Ophena S and Ophena S Pro.

The most popular model is the one that appeared earlier, this is the Ophena S. It has a magnetic connection, an open side, a foot stop and a Smart Attach system that allows you to easily attach and detach stirrups from the stirrup skin. Everyone likes the design of this model. You can choose between shades of silver and black onyx.

Ophena S Pro appeared on the market relatively recently and pleases three who are missing something new. The diamond handle made of aerospace-grade hardened aluminum is one of the main differences from the first model. This model is desirable for those who like to ride in the rain and on trails. Ophena S Pro is also available in the same colors as the previous model.

Both models are equipped with magnets located in the insole and on the stirrup itself. This serves to increase the safety and comfort of the rider in different conditions, in different weather and the purposes of equestrian sports – competition or simple training.

Gift certificate

You can also purchase a gift certificate for the purchase of Ophena. You can spend it on any product for yourself or give it to a friend who loves equestrian sports. Certificates are available from 10 to 500 euros. This is a really great gift!


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